Nemnoga Devotchka restaurant

Nemnoga Devotchka was my idea of designing for a high class type of restaurant. A strong minimalist design, clean type, and overall a sophisticated vibe to everything. By using just white, greys, black, and one main color I was able to enhanced this effect. The first menu design is a little larger than 8.5x11. To show that the content on the menu could be translated to a single page drink or appetizers menu I designed a more portable version, that could be used as a takeaway menu. I went on to make coaster designs & even mocked up physical versions.

  • IHOP Mobile App

    I explored the idea of what if IHOP needed a mobile app. What are some features it could have? The first idea I had to was to make icons for impulse buying. This is also similar to when ordering pizza, you can quickly add items such as soda, another pizza, or more toppings. I wanted to translate that idea to ordering items at IHOP. Before paying for your order, it would give you suggestions to add to your cart. From there I layed out the main pages a mobile app like this would have.

  • Southpaw Pools website redesign

    I worked with my client Todd Kinghorn for a redesign of his website. We scheduled meeting every few weeks to allow him to see my progress and for me to recieve feedback. A link to the site can be found on my home page.

  • Rasberry Pi 3

    Rasberry pi is an amazing computer that allows you to do all sorts of things. To educate people on the computer I made a four part YouTube series starting from a basic project to complex coding. The goal of this was to get people excited about this and make them want to buy their own. One of my favorite projects is setting up RetroPie (an emulator of sorts) as seen in the images below. Some of the main things needed to make this work are a Raspberry Pi 3, 5V 2.5A micro USB charger, HDMI cord, monitor, mouse & keyboard for your pi computer, Another computer with internet, Cooling fan & heatsink, Any Controller or keyboard, and a Micro SD card (8GB or higher). If your interested you find a link to my YouTube channel at the bottom of the page.

  • other work

    Here you can see me explore layout design, more icon design, typography, and more.