Nemnoga Devotchka restaurant

Nemnoga Devotchka was my idea of designing for a high class type of restaurant. A strong minimalist design, clean type, and overall a sophisticated vibe to everything. By using just white, greys, black, and one main color I was able to enhanced this effect. The first menu design is a little larger than 8.5x11. To show that the content on the menu could be translated to a single page drink or appetizers menu I designed a more portable version, that could be used as a takeaway menu (as seen to the right). I went on to make coaster designs, toothpick boxes, & even mocked up physical versions.

  • IHOP Mobile App

    I wanted explored the idea of what if IHOP needed a mobile app. What are some features it could have? The first idea I had to was to make icons for impulse buying. This idea would similar to when ordering pizza, you can quickly add items such as soda, another pizza, or more toppings to your order. I wanted to translate that idea to ordering items at IHOP. Before paying for your order, it would give you suggestions to add to your cart. First I created food icons. This was one of my more fun projects becuase I could be a little loose with design rules. Normally I use many rulers & guides when designing, but while creating these colorful & playful icons I just ignored all of those rules. After creating the icons, I laid out the main page of a mobile app that would appear right before a "check out" menu. This project was just exploring a single page of the app, & could easily be expanded to something greater.

  • Southpaw Pools website redesign

    Todd Kinghorn had approached a group of designers to update his website. Myself & two other designers (Sara & Ben) had grouped up to each work on different sections. I handled the code, Sara handled the graphics, and Ben had everything else inbetween. We met with Todd every other week to discuss our progress with him & receive feedback. Overall his website before was very dark, hard to navigate, and a ton of other problems. He had a few request while makoing the site which make some things challenging, but in the end we were able present him his new site that was completely responsive, easy to read, nd overall more appealing & professional. It was wonderful experince working with Ben & Sara on this project & it would not have been finished on time without their help. A link to the site can be found on my home page.

  • Rasberry Pi 3

    Rasberry pi is an amazing computer that allows you to do all sorts of things. To educate people on the computer I made a four part YouTube series starting from a basic project to complex coding. The goal of this was to get people excited about this and make them want to buy their own. One of my favorite projects is setting up RetroPie (an emulator of sorts) as seen in the images below. Some of the main things needed to make this work are a Raspberry Pi 3, 5V 2.5A micro USB charger, HDMI cord, monitor, mouse & keyboard for your pi computer, Another computer with internet, Cooling fan & heatsink, Any Controller or keyboard, and a Micro SD card (8GB or higher). If your interested you find a link to my YouTube channel at the bottom of the page.


    My client was starting a rental service business. She wanted a logo, business cards, and a website, and a few other items. Because this was such a big project I worked with other web & graphic designers. We started with no branding or any idea of what direction to take, so we took the time to have weekly meetings with the client to better understand her new business idea. Once we did the first step was to create a logo that would make her happy. Her dream logo was to have the initials of the business as the logo. Below you can see progress shots of me creating the letter "O". Once that was done I went on to make the letter "M". After that was done I presented variants to show the client. Finally I got feedback & went on to make her final version with color.

  • More LOGO Design

    Occasions by Michelle is just one example of logo design. I do redesigns & rebranding of existing logos as well. Below you can see a few more logos I've done as creative fun or real client work such as an internet streamer or a hair salon business. Logo design has alway been a joy of mine. Seeing a client eyes light up when their dream logo becomes a real thing is just a wonderful experience. Of couse there's always critique, but I haven't had a client who wasn't happen with thier logo at the end.

  • Video Game Sprites

    Animation had been difficult for me. Frame by frame animation was the only way I knew how to animate things. Once I discovered Adobe Animate my eyes had opened up to a new world. My passion for animation had been rekindled with motion tween & other tools available for me to use. I really enjoyed creating motion banner ads, interactive infographics, and mostly animating sprite artwork. It started off as simple walk cycles, but soon I was creating full animation movies.

    As a 90s kid I grew up with games being very pixelated and having to use imagination to fill in the gaps, so I started to make my own pixel art. This caught attention of a game designer that I would later work with to create a flash game based on the Star Wars universe & using their characters to play as. Sadly the game was never finished, but the sprites I created for it still exist.

  • 2017 work

    Please enjoy some of my favorite extra pieces I'd like to share. Typography, magazine layouts, ad design, tattoo design, and more.