A huge goal of mine with web is to make sure eveything looks good on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.


To learn more about me or simply contact me, you can download my résumé with my email & phone number.

Time Management

There's always a deadline. One of my goals is to be prepared before that day comes, & not the due date.


Almost everything I design in illustrator starts off as a grid to make sure all the content is aligned & lines up correctly.


To much time is spent searching for things. I aim to reduce that time for myself & those around me.

Image knowledge

I can tell you when to use a .pdf, .png, .jpg, .gif, and so on. I know when to work in CMYK or RGB in applications such as Photoshop.


Southpaw Pools

I worked with my client Todd Kinghorn for a redesign of his Southpaw Pools website. Click the image above to see more.

nemnoga devotchka

Nemnoga Devotchka was my idea of designing for a high class type of restaurant. A strong minimalist design, clean type, and overall a sophisticated vibe to everything.


I enjoy working with type design in illustrator, hand type, or a combination of the two.

ihop mobile design

I explored the idea of what if IHOP needed a mobile app, thats similar to one from a major pizza company. An app where you could quickly order breakfast foods.

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